Learning center is basically a guide that will aid in providing a better understanding of the nitty-gritty in tutoring online. The learning center serves as a simple guide to help anyone understand a topic expert ‘s expectations and complications. Expert advice with very useful tips can be found in this guide, as this has been prepared by people who have a significant amount of relevant experience in this field.The guide will also offer insights into the different mistakes that people usually make, and some myths that make it difficult to continue this career.

Importance of the Learning Center

Learning center is a complete guide for people who want to take up for online tutoring, may be as full time or part time career option. This provides complete information about various referencing styles and formatting that is required to handle requirements of academic tasks that hail from various international universities.

Crucial aspects of tutoring Online

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s ideas and work as your own, without the consent of the actual author. Plagiarism may be deliberate or unintentional. As far as examination and university guidelines are concerned, plagiarism in any form is a disciplinary offence. Hence, it is important that plagiarism is dealt with diligence and sincerity.

Why should we avoid Plagiarism?

We should be careful as far as plagiarism is concerned. Plagiarism should be avoided in the best possible means as it may have detrimental effect over the career of the student. Plagiarism may lead the student to fail in the paper and result in expulsion from the university. Academic field does not entertain copying of ideas and facts in any form without giving due credits to the author. Hence one will be expected to do a thorough research, read the content and then start writing in your own words. Any ideas taken from a source material should be given due acknowledgement with the help of referencing.


Formatting plays a very important role as that is the first impression that an assessor would get when he goes through the paper. Apart from presenting the content in a neat manner, one must follow the guidelines that are provided by the student for formatting of a paper. The spacing, font, margins, paragraphs, page numbering, footnotes, highlighting all should be done as per assignment guidelines and requirements. The detailed instructions about formatting have been provided in the following sections.


At the outset, referencing is a way of acknowledgment of the papers, books, and materials being used while researching for the lab report or Assignment.The referencing styles namely, Harvard, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA, MLA, and Vancouver are mostly maintained in Academic writing/ online tutoring.


Deadline in online tutoring does mean deadline beyond which the paper would not be accepted by Us. So this should be taken as topmost priority.. Hence, one must be particularly concerned to submit the academic task before the assigned deadline.

The depth of research

While preparing an academic write-up, it is advisable that own academic research substance is developed. It is imperative in this regard that one performs research on the materials that are consistent in keeping the motto of the paper.

Lucid Language

All the papers should have lucid language which is easy to decipher and is related to the given topic. The paper should emphasize over the given topic of the assignment. It should have a proper flow so that the reader does not get lost in the paper and finds a smooth way out.

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